The Warrior Prince grave: a real sensational find!
During 1987-1988 years the Florence Archaeological Superintendece's office ran a survey over the hills where our vigorous vines are now growing. Exactly at Casa Nocera

Ten graves found, dated from the beginning of VI to the end of IV centuries B.C.

The tomb of Principe Guerriero came out as the most ancient and it was standing out in relief among the other. Just in that one has been found a funeral banquet outfit.

For fun we are calling it a "tasting wine kit". Any way as archaeoligical discovery it is considered exceptionla.

Historically, it clearly shows that, in the same land where we have now our vineyards, about 3000 years ago a person has been buried with all the tools for enjoying his own wine also in its second life.

A fascinating continuity between past and present times.